Flatbed Towing Service

You can choose our flatbed towing service for the task of towing your car/ vehicle and holding it in excellent shape. We use the new tow truck model. We are professional and reach out as early as possible. Moreover, we will provide you with a whole estimate of the cost and kind of services your vehicle needs.

Advanced Method of Flatbed Towing Service

Our company is offering advanced methods of towing. It totally depends on you which service you want. Call us, and tell us about your concerns and situation. We will work in collaboration with you. We have high-quality towing vehicles for holding the vehicle in excellent shape. The flatbed towing truck offers secure towing. Our towing experts with custom flatbed trucks are here to help you out.

flatbed towing service

If you need to raise your battery or unlock your car door, we’re here to help you. The most popular form of roadside service offered is towing. This is because it does not do any extra harm to your car during the towing process. It is also because wheel lift trucks are mass-produced at a higher rate than these types of tow trucks.

Our experts will arrive on the spot promptly, in addition to providing these critical services. Suppose you are working with an organization that has an on-time arrival warranty for roadside assistance. In that case, this is a clear sign that help can come sooner. Call us today to know about the latest flatbed towing cost.

flatbed tow truck service

Long Distance Flatbed Towing Service

From the famous flatbeds, flatbed tow trucks get their name. Some towing service companies often refer to roll-back trucks as flatbed tow trucks. This is because they have a hydraulic mechanism that rolls the bed back at an angle that allows the vehicle to be moved to its destination directly onto the bed.

We also have many years of experience in emergency roadside assistance. The hydraulics depresses the bed to its resting place until the vehicle is securely loaded onto the bed. Our flatbed wrecker facility offers rotating flatbed tow truck services 24/7. 

Our service will help if you need assistance with a flat tire, a jump, or a tow. Search flatbed tow truck near me and call us for help in such worst scenarios. Triple D’s Towing has the best searches for Flatbed towing near me that you can fully rely on. We will never let you face any trouble.

Features of Flatbed Towing Truck

Just like the ones mentioned above, the regular flatbed tow trucks operate. The entire back of this particular tow truck is equipped with a vertically inclined bed that can drop back at an angle onto the deck. This enables the vehicle to be put under its power on the “flatbed,” meaning that the car must be working on getting onto this sort of tow truck.

This would not be the best type of tow truck to use with your vehicle if your car cannot start or drive. In this scenario, we’d be using a flatbed lift tow truck. Or a winch will be used to help pull the vehicle onto the flatbed. To drag it onto a flatbed, a winch is a motorized steel cord that connects to a vehicle’s frame. We are offering auto towing service for many years. Our mechanics are very professionals and training.

flatbed car towing service

Auto Towing Service Near Me

Flatbed towing trucks use a wheel-lift frame to lift the vehicle upright onto the bed (shaped like a cage without a bottom). This form of towing is used for non-functional cars or cars parked in parallel and cannot work. Call our flatbed wrecker service to check all the towing options we provide if your vehicle is too disabled to get onto a flatbed tow truck near me.

Typically, we would suggest either a wheel lift tow for a car that needs repairs or a complete vehicle with a hook and chain tow. So, are you looking for a flatbed recovery service or a flatbed towing service? We got you covered. Call us for flatbed towing service cost estimation.

Affordable Flatbed Towing Rates

No issue wherever you break down in Miami or whatever vehicles you use; we got you covered. You are protected by our roadside assistance and flatbed towing service. Several firms that provide Roadside Assistance also have coverage for motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Almost all breakdown providers offer more than one package, giving you more significant and wide-ranging coverage at an affordable extra cost.

Many companies will offer you low-cost flatbed towing service but be careful their services are of low quality mostly. It is not worth compromising on quality for fewer amounts. Instead, call us and do not worry, we are very affordable. In fact, we can also offer a discount if needed. So, if any tragedy hits you, give us a call. And we will never disappoint you.

As a flatbed towing company, we understand that problems with car ownership will occur unexpectedly. Thanks to our handy roadside assistance options, we can help with issues like flat tires and dead batteries. If you are stuck with a flat tire but don’t have the equipment to fix it, all you have to do is change it.

For example, if our solution doesn’t help, if we do not jump-start your battery because it is long past its expiry date, don’t worry. We can also move your car, such as a mechanic’s shop, to the location it needs to be. To lower our flatbed, we use hydraulics to load your vehicle when it needs to be towed firmly, so you can be confident that it will arrive safely at its destination.